Company Law Matters

Company Law is a core area of our practice, presently numerous corporates are structured & engaged in their business in the form of ‘COMPANY’. Recently from past seven years, numerous changes took place requiring compliances of various provisions to uphold and maintain the good corporate governance towards their stakeholders. Here we would like to list out some of our Company Law Services we offer both in RETAINERSHIP as well as ASSIGNMENT basis to our clients:
  • Incorporation of Entity (Private/Public/OPC/NGO/LLP/Nidhi/Foreign);
  • Conversion of Partnership/LLP into a Company and vice-versa;
  • Shifting of Registered Office to another place, within state or another state;
  • Appointment, Resignation and Removal of Director, KMP and Auditor;
  • Alteration of MOA & AOA; Creation, Modification & Satisfaction of Charges;
  • Increase of Share Capital; Allotment & Buy-Back of Securities;
  • Managing of Board and General Meetings physically and electronically;
  • Managing of Postal Ballot Process and Electronic Voting Process;
  • Appointment to act as Scrutinizer and Secretarial Auditor of the Company;
  • Annual Return & e-Forms Certifications including filings and scrutiny thereof;
  • Compounding of Offences and Condonation of delay of e-forms;
  • Maintenance of Minutes, Statutory Records and Registers;
  • Issuance and Transfer of Share Certificates; Change of Financial Year;
  • Declaration of Dividend & IEPF Compliances; CSR Compliances;
  • Drafting of Annual Report and Annual Filings of the Company;
  • XBRL Tagging of Financial Statements and filings thereof;
  • Strike-off the Company and Winding-up of Company;
  • Oppression, Mismanagement & Transaction Services etc.;

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