business & startup consultancy

We JSK BIZCON are assisting businesses right from formation to attainment of the level of required success by being present in all stages of business like necessary Registrations to first order along with identification to Implementation of the processes required for achievement of Business goals. Having experience from well-established listed players of the segments ensures the chances of success with infrastructural set-up of business.

We offer services adjacent of success of business at all the segments in line with required market dynamics with the help of experienced professionals and solution driven easy implementable solutions to the new businesses. Our services are of Guiding, Handholding and Supporting the business the which are part of world where unicorn start-ups exists and are encouraged at the light of the speed and are exploring business segments which were just a dream earlier and in the exploited segments dominated by Big corporate giants. These so called start-ups are just living up to their life’s and brining hopes and courage to many aspirants who carries capability, eligibility and passion.

Existing Businesses are experiencing staggering sales, Diminishing profitability, growing cash burns and this is the story of almost all businesses and adding fire to wood is the lockdown that has been going on in phases worldwide impacting business ecosystem. Businesses are fighting new lows and need revised efforts to reach the business constitutions at pre-Covid level meet the market demand & supplies. But now after the Covid-19 Pandemic things would surely be not the same. This raises an important thoughts especially for small businesses as to how to proceed next ? What exactly needs to be done? What should be the focus ? etc.

Our Basics:

  • Understanding your business and Delivering client requirements – We work for the business as a arm of your business considering practicality of segment business in operating in we assist management for the required actions to fill the Gaps
  • Assisting Management for Fresh & Independent – Management is always into the targets achieving scenarios which are majorly a school of actionable thoughts and at times misses the other side views which could impact their businesses.
  • To Act Intellectual capital – We work at all levels of management with external experience and industry knowledge to add the value to the business and reach business a level where Processes, Information’s available with Business , Trainings etc becomes Intellectual capital for business.
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